Why Invest in SEO Services?

Invest in Your Future

SEO can generate strong long term ROI(Return on Investment).  It is an asset that grows over time.

Strong Competitive Advantage

The earlier you start, the harder it is for your competitors to catch up.

Build Your Brand

Showing in the search results builds credibility and trust in your prospects’ eyes.

Increase sales

People searching for your services are very likely to purchase.

Why Choose Main Street ROI?


We pride ourselves on our responsiveness. We’re available via email and phone so you can get answers to your questions.


Unlike many agencies, we’re not a black box – we’re an open book. We provide detailed reporting on what we’re doing and the results you’re getting.

Industry Authority

0,000+ small business owners and marketing consultants subscribe to our newsletter and hundreds attend our monthly training webinars.

Proven Process

We use a proven, comprehensive process to ensure that your marketing campaigns are properly set up for optimal results.

Our Proven 7-Step Process

SEO Work Included In Our Services

What We’ll Do Each Month

Example ‘SEO Game Plan’

Check current rankings & traffic levels to establish baseline
Audit website & collaborate with Webn8 to resolve any technical SEO issues
Keyword research to create list of most relevant keywords in the client’s market
Set up ranking reporting, configure Google Analytics, set up SEO dashboard
Competitor SEO analysis to identify keyword, content & link opportunities
Document/implement edits for priority pages’ title tags, meta desc., headers, body copy
Google My Business profile optimization
‘Core’ content (expand existing pages, draft new evergreen SEO landing pages)
Citations & ‘Link Foundation’ (establish directory listings based on competitor analysis)
Additional link building activities (guest blogging, outreach to request links, etc)

Note: This is a tentative list of activities in rough order of priority based on our current understanding. For each client, we would customize SEO plans each month based on the top priorities for that client.