Websites for Real Estate Agents

Most Real Estate Brokerages will offer “personalized” web pages on the company’s main website for their agents. These pages generally look the same for each of their agents, the only difference being the agent’s photo and contact info. Many Real Estate Agents decide to have their own website built to generate leads and gain an edge over their competition online.

Webn8 has developed websites for many successful Real Estate Agents over the last 15 years. We work closely with each agent to find out what makes them different – and we build a website that reflects their style and methods. The websites we build are completely separate from your brokerage’s website. It is branded with your own custom URL, name, photos, slogan, etc. – and most importantly, it is customized to function exactly the way you want it to. For example – if your buyers are typically interested in certain neighborhoods, we can feature each of these neighborhoods on your homepage to grab buyer’s attention immediately. The possibilities are endless, and you are in control of exactly how your website works for your buyers and sellers.

The Fastest Growing IDX/Real E-state Solution in North America

Are You a Brand New Agent? (6 months or less?)

The 12-month Rookie Agent Package is exactly what you need!  We know that getting started is tough, both mentally and financially. The Webn8 team would like to help you with that! This package offers new agents essentials that an agent will need to get a foothold on the internet, a website of your own to link to from your newsletter, and a place to showcase your FIRST LISTINGS!

Each Optima plan includes IDX service for one MLS® System. Each additional MLS® System costs an additional $30/mo.

Accelr-8 Agent


Set Up Fee for
Accelr-8 is $199.95

(Pass-thru fees are added if applicable)

Domin-8 Agent


Set Up Fee for
Domin-8 is $199.95

(Pass-thru fees are added if applicable)

CRMN-8 Solution

Set Up Fee for
CRMN-8 is $199.95

(Pass-thru fees are added if applicable)

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Is Your Site ADA Compliant?

Are you seeing Agents and Brokers getting letters? Paying huge fines?

Why do you need to have web accessibility? Well, a few reasons come to mind, but there are many.  Firstly, the human factor.  We all want everyone to have a great experience when they visit our site.  That is the main reason when you are looking at it through the decency lens.  Business Decision?  Yes, it is absolute.

Lawsuits can literally take your business down – Not only do you have to shoulder the cost of counsel to defend yourself, but you will also be on the hook for the legal expenses for the opposing counsel if you lose. The odds are not in your favor.
Your Reputation – Who wants to be known as that company?  Super quickly, your opinion the public has of your service will diminish.
Time Crusher So if you are dealing with everything from above… Who is running your business?  The scope responsibilities will fall to the wayside.

Let’s get you set up correctly to ensure your continued success at a business and so that we can feel just a bit better about our craft.  Giving EVERYONE the capability to utilize your services and/or purchase your products.

FAST and SLEEK combined with our Google-based Silicon Valley servers, this property search with advanced lead generation technology will zip through criteria and get you RESULTS fast.

Professional Design

The most important component of your website is great content. Our content creators will make you look sharp. Webn8 will give you relevancy, visibility and will ensure you are the best fit to beat your competition and provide a great service or product.

Market Symmetry

Your website is the center of your marketing. With Webn8, your online marketing strategy will have perfect symmetry — search, display, directory listings, and more. You will have access to analytics so you can track exactly how you’re doing.

Mobile Friendly

Over 77% of viewership online is from mobile devices. What does that mean? It means that if your website is not optimized for mobile, you aren’t going to get a conversion. Webn8 designs every project with responsive(mobile) technology.

Easy Access

We will make it easy for your prospective clients to get to you from mobile, desktop, iPad, or a phone line. Minimal clicks to get to the action is our goal. Visibility to next step action buttons and Navigation. Both components are essential.