Month to Month after 6 Months (For Real Estate Packages Only)

After the first six months, the terms of usage will go on a month-to-month basis unless both parties have agreed upon a longer extended period.  Canceling within six months will acquire a penalty due immediately.  After the first 6 months, Webn8 will require a 30-day cancellation notice or the agreed-upon period set in a written form of extraordinary circumstances(these circumstances must have signatures by both parties to validate an “extraordinary circumstance”).  Once the cancellation is received, the Client agrees to pay one last payment.  Cancellations are made valid by submitting an email to requesting cancellation, and the Client further agrees they will submit an email to for cancellation.  Emails made to any email other than will not be considered proper procedure.  The Client further understands they cannot cancel via phone or email.

The $10 dollar Setup Fee Special First Month Free

This special involves a 12-month commitment.  With no circumstantial reasonings.  If an agent doesn’t fulfill the commitment, Webn8 has the right to take legal actions to redeem what is owed to Webn8 stemming from this particular deal at their discretion and timeline.  After the 12-month commitment has been filled, the agent will then return back to the month-to-month situational agreement above this clause.

Domain Availability

Webn8 does not assure that a particular request for a domain name will be available.  If Webn8 registers a domain name for a client, we register it for a year’s term and require a 6-month commitment by the Client.  After a year, we can transfer the domain name to the Client at no cost.  If the Client is still an active paying client during the renewal of the domain name, Webn8 will renew the domain name at no cost to the Client.  Webn8 websites and services are all non-transferable to other agents, websites, users, re-sellers, website hosting companies, or any other entities at any time unless a buyout agreement has been set in place and agreed to by both parties.

No Guarantees or Warranties

Webn8 gives no warranty of any kind, guarantee, expressed, or implied under any circumstance, including compatibility and damages for lost profits, business interruption, or other mercantile loss.  The Client agrees that he/she shall not hold Webn8 liable for any incidental or consequential damages that arise from using Webn8 services.  Webn8 disclaims all implied warranties.  The Client agrees to indemnify Webn8 from any claims, actions, costs, and losses resulting from any act or omission on the Client’s part or any default or breach by the Client of any provision of this policy.
The Client understands there are no refunds provided for unique sales offers and specials on products, such as discounts on annual plans or upgrades where the product or service has been delivered.

Client Equipment and Internet Access

The Client is responsible for adopting reasonable measures to limit the impact of problems on their computers, installing plug-ins, updates, and adopting procedures to ensure the accuracy of input data; examining and confirming selections submitted for their site; identifying and correcting errors and omissions.  The success of Webn8 websites and services will be indicated by being loaded and used on a fully functional computer with an appropriate working operating system and the latest Internet Explorer browser.  Access to the internet will be provided by a separate Internet Service Provider (ISP) contracted by the Client and will not be a party to this agreement.

IDX and Other Partnerships

The Client agrees that if IDX services are acquired through a Webn8 IDX partner, the Client can’t move the IDX to another partner company without paying a $500 transfer fee.  Webn8 does a lot of work on our side with no or low setup fees and therefore can’t let our work on the IDX setup be moved to another partner of the IDX company without first paying this $500 transfer fee.

Proprietary Rights

The Client acknowledges and agrees that Webn8’s services may contain proprietary and confidential information protected by intellectual- and proprietary rights laws.  The Client agrees not to reproduce, duplicate, copy, sell, resell or exploit any portion of Webn8’s services or proprietary or confidential information.  Webn8 does not provide direct access, through File Transfer Protocol or other means, to any proprietary technology.

3rd Parties

From time to time, third parties may offer services to Webn8’s clients.  Use of such third-party services will be at the Client’s own risk and subject to the terms and conditions of those third parties.  Third-party services are the responsibility of and shall be paid by the Client to its chosen provider.  Webn8 does not represent or warrant that use or access to any third-party services will be compatible, uninterrupted, error-free, without defects, or that Client will be able to access Webn8’s services.  The Client agrees that Webn8 is under no obligation to provide the Client with any enhancements, updates, or fixes to make Webn8’s services accessible through any third-party applications.  The Client understands that for any implementation of a third-party service that fails there will be a $300 restoration fee if the situation is brought to Webn8’s attention on time.