Social Media Marketing for the “Do-It-Yourselfers”


Whether marketers create content as part of a social destination like a niche community or a promotion vehicle such as an interactive ad, keyword glossaries become helpful in writing headlines, deciding on anchor text for links, and outreach activities like blogger relations.

Find The Audience.

Understand their behaviors, preferences, methods of publishing, and sharing. Most companies involved with the social media connection to their customers get a good sense of where to start. In addition, many companies are ahead of the game by tracking their audience via social media monitoring and watching for keywords, conversations, and influences.

Define Your Objectives.

Business objectives can increase by marketing or sales. SEO has long been directly accountable for substantial improvements in web sales. Social media is not direct marketing, so different objectives and measurements apply. The role of SEO in a social media effort is to directly influence the discovery of social communities or content via search. It is attraction sales at its best. Social content can boost links to website content, improving search traffic and online sales.

Establish a game plan.

The game plan for reaching objectives in a combined SEO and social media effort will often focus on content and interaction since it is content that people discover and share. Whether a keyword-focused strategy for reaching goals means publishing new content or creating an opportunity for consumer-generated content, it must involve proactive promotion and easy sharing amongst community members.

Create a Tactical Mix.

Social Media Marketing finds its success when the desired audience interacts with the public and then shares content. Whatever the tactical blend is, it’s an investment in time and relationships – not a short-term “link dump” to promote optimized link bait. Much of the content creation and promotion for a social media marketing effort happens within the tactical mix, and, of course, that means optimizing content for keywords.

Measure your goals.

Goals measurement should roll up to the specific objectives, both direct and indirect. Leveraging social media monitoring services and web analytics can provide marketers with the insight to improve results.

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