Rookie Features

The 12 month Rookie Agent Package is exactly what you need!  We know that getting started is tough, both mentally and financially. The Webn8 team would like to help you with that! This package offers new agents essential needs that an agent will need to get a foothold on the internet, a website of your own to link to from your newsletter, and a place to showcase your FIRST LISTINGS!

  • Support

    1 hour of support per month.

  • Compatibility

    Package can be upgraded at any time. Prices will be determined at Upgrade.


    Keep leads returning to your site with email alerts for new listings and price changes in their targeted areas.

  • Up to 10 pages

    This does not includes the Database driven pages such as contact pages, etc..


    Simple or complex searches are made fast and easy.


Set Up Fee $49.99

You will need to verify by showing something that shows the date you started.  You are stating you allow us to research if needed by signing up.  The setup fee will be non-refundable if verification cannot be verified. 

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After 12 months you will graduate to the Accelr-8 Agent Program.

Featured Listings

Showcase your active listings and your latest success with Featured For Sale and Sold listings. Automatically populated from MLS data, no manual updates are needed.

Market Pages

Get listings indexed for organic SEO while you highlight your market territory for site visitors with these always-current listing collections on your site.

Insights and Analytics

See the listings, searches, click-thrus and activity of your leads. Reports and analytics let you determine the leads to put at the top of your list and see which campaigns perform the best.