Webn8 - Temple Emanu-El Birmingham Alabama

Web Design Project for Temple Emanu-El

Temple Emanu-El has been a client since 2005! Over the years, the website has evolved with the new trends and technologies available. We designed the current website after evaluating the analytics of the previous website. We played up the features that were working and got rid of items that weren’t being utilized. The end result is a user-friendly website that gives the viewers what they want.
Although each department updates some of the website content, Webn8 has a monthly package with Temple Emanu-El for the less “user-friendly” tasks. There are many interactive forms in the 140+ pages of the website. From membership to donations, educational to clergy, endowments to events, the activity, or shall we say inter-activity is non stop.

During certain major Jewish Holidays, Temple LIVE streams their services all across the globe sometimes reaching 20k+ viewers at once. We are proud to work with Temple Emanu-El and we value the long business relationship we have shared over the years.  Contact the Temple.