Online Shopping- Give Them What They Need

An easy and positive experience is only one part of what the consumers want when making purchases online. There
are numerous ways you can ensure that your customer leaves your site with a great experience and will come back
for future purchases. Consumers have a lot to say about their likes and dislikes pertaining to their online shopping

Online Informations and Reviews being Easily Accessible
Clear pictures, detailed product descriptions, and customer reviews are all aspects that consumers want when
shopping online. Dont limit your marketing to plain text reviews, instead try expanding the reviews to massive online
shopping forums, blogs, YouTube, and even TikTok. If you are looking for a more targeted approach, go for
influencers who only review specific niches as to reach your target audience quicker.

Personalize the Shopping Experience
According to some surveys, about 50% of consumers generally state they have no desire to share personal
information in exchange for a more personalized shopping experience. On the other hand, if you were to ask
millennials of Gen Z the same questions, you will get a different answer of about 66% stating they have zero issue
with giving personal information in return for a more unique experience.

Streamlined Checkouts
Make the online shopping cart easily accessible for the consumer. A difficultly placed icon with a mountain fo hurdles
to cross is not appealing for any online shopper. The patent on Amazon’s one-click checkout expired in 2017, so it is
free game to any online business looking to make their checkout process a bit more straightforward.

Low/Free Shipping
It is common knowledge that low-cost shipping is a big selling point for many online consumers. The higher the
shipping cost, the more it is usually linked to lower sales numbers. 77% of abandoned shopping carts were due to
high shipping costs or fees.

Peace of Mind
Traditionally, consumers felt a higher sense of security with brick and mortar store fronts due to the ease of returns. If
you expect that your customer will have the same level of confidence when shopping online with you this will help
boost your conversions. This all comes down to security on your site. The consumer needs to know that their
personal information will be safe when using your site.
Keep in mind that part of what created repeated customers is the overall experience the consumer has when using
your site. If your website is too busy, outdated, or unsafe these will all deter a consumer from purchasing from you. If
you can cultivate an amazing website with great, positive consumer experiences then you will be able to serve
against some of the more established businesses.