Instagram, the Laid Back way to Show off your Brand’s Personality

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Instagram is the prominent social media choice for e-commerce brands to engage with their followers who are ready with a card in hand, according to SelfStarR. Instagram (69%) is almost double its profit potential in comparison to Facebook(32%).

Instagram has the ability to increase your brand’s recognition globally. Today‚Äôs generation is a over social media, Instagram is one of the most popular platforms.

Increasing your follower reach on Instagram

Here are a few steps to help expand your brand over Instagram.

1. Keep up with recent posts.
Posting consistently on Instagram can be extremely beneficial. If you do not keep up with recent posts, the engagement levels of your followers will drop and could potentially end up being
2. Live streams can help increase brand reach.
Live streams and videos can help your followers know you and the brand better. It can also be your followers trust the brand. Most people are more likely to spend money with brands that are
3. Hashtags.
Come up with a cool and unique branding hashtag that will make it easier for people to find the brand. Make sure it is short and memorable so your followers will use it to their best advantage.
4. Wise image choices.
The most successful influence on an Instagram account is the images you post. Editing the pictures nicely can help too. Download an editing app to help edit the photos for yo Instagram.
5. Instagram stories.
Instagram stories are very popular right now. They can help increase engagement. You can also try ticktock! Ticktock is very popular.

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