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Are you looking for Connect MLS, CoreLogic, FBS, Flexmls, FusionTM, Innovia®, MatrixTM, MLXchange®, Navica, Paragon, Rapattoni, RealtyPro, RealtyServer, SEI, Solid Earth, or Tempo®?

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IDX Service Eligibility & Approval Process

IDX service is available only for the websites of agent and broker members of real estate boards/associations we cover
IDX service cannot be licensed to non-members or for purposes other than public-facing agent and broker website displays

Licensing Process
Before listings can show on your site, your board will need to approve your IDX licensing request.

Instructions for completing the IDX licensing required by your board’s IDX data feed provider are emailed to you immediately when you sign up for a paid account
Complete the steps in the instructions (this often requires a broker signature) and return the completed licensing documents to the email address provided in the instructions
Our licensing team will sign and send the licensing agreement to your board within one business day

How long does licensing approval take?
Licensing approval by your board can take a few business days. Please note it can take several business days in some boards. We cannot control the time your board requires to process approvals.

IDX Service Information

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