How to Attract Z Gens and Millennials

Though Gen Z and Millennials are separated by a number of years, their values and worldview align when it comes to
social and global issues. Issues like climate change, racism, and gender inequality are issues that both of these
generations concern themselves with. They can often be seen standing side by side in the face of adversity and
standing for change.
More than 55% of Gen Z and Millennials had reported being at a recent #BLM protest or vigil, according to a recent
study. Gen Z and Millennials believe they should not be standing alone in this fight for change. They believe their
favorite brands should be showing their support for these issues and they are willing to vote with their dollar and
abandon brands who are not willing to fight for change.
A subtle approach is the way to go for marketing when Gen Z and Millennials are the target. Your brand needs to
show it is authentic and not profit focused. Gen Z and Millennials make up 50% of the world’s population so having
their support behind your brand is crucial for your brand’s viability. Here a few tips on how your brand can be more
appealing to this vital demographic.
Be Present, Yet Careful, on Social Media
For social media marketers, Twitter, Instagram, and tiktok are challenging territory. Advertisements for these social
media platforms need to be subtle, yet exciting and relatable as to make a voice for your brand without ruining the
consumer experience on the app.
Entertain or Inform
Millennials grew into young adults with social media and Gen Z has been a part of social media from the time they
were born. They hold a certain immunity when it comes to traditional advertising methods. This demographic will
often use AD blockers however the few that do not utilize this tool have the ability to numbingly scroll through ADs
without batting an eye. The key to reaching this demographic is to craft your AD less like marketing and more like
informative or entertaining posts. If you use the right design elements and design tools for your message this will help
subtract the creative hassle from your marketing initiatives.
Craft Authentic Messages
Take away the glossy advertisements and bold claims, Gen Z is a lot more subtle and is not easily swayed by these
tactics. This demographic can ignore flashy Ads just like how they can sniff out fake attempts to be LGBTQ
supportive during annual events like Pride. Recently, the COVID-19 pandemic has massively influenced Gen Z. Due
to this, Gen Z are more likely to support the smaller brands they have an emotional connection with versus large
corporations. Small businesses tend to have a greater appeal to Gen Z and millennials.
Cultivate Your E-commerce Presence
The borders between socializing, entertainment, and e-commerce have been blurred in the eyes of Gen Z and
Millennials. Your message needs to become seamless with the contents young consumers view online. Each social
media platform sets its own tone.