Has Social Media killed the old ways of doing business?

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Will it kill it?  Are you crazy?  That dog has been retired.  Here are a few reasons why that shouldn’t even be the question and the absolute easiest way to play the game with it.  Let me warn you now.  The way to successfully use Social Media to gain clients isn’t too hard, well not to Old School guys like myself.

1. When was the last time you walked from your office, down the hall, and into your co-worker’s space to ask them to do something?

Email.  In today’s world, you would just email them.  Why?  A few reasons.  Laziness. Social Anxiety. Finger-Pointing.  Yea, finger-pointing.  You know the proverbial Carbon Copy/Blind Copy.  What would you say if I told you that the last one, the good ole Cc’ing is the main focus as to why you don’t get up, walk down the hall, and visit your co-worker.  If you think for one minute you can get away with anything these days, in or out of your office environment, you might want to re-think your strategy.

2. No Hard Lines for business owners.

Smart Phones.  Why would you have a hard line?  I guess if you were a part of a larger corporation of course, but small business owners just roll with the new technologies.  With a savvy Voice-mail, one can make a potential client think your business is on Wall Street(if that is what you are going for).

3. No Sales Material.

Hi there, I noticed your ad on Facebook, I noticed your Tweet last night on Twitter, I bought this Group-on, Facebook me, Email me, Look me up on LinkedIn, and on and on.  Do you even need business cards anymore?  How about those really expensive 4 color brochures?  You don’t even have to drop them off…you can PDF the brochure, send them your v-card info via the email you send them the PDF on.  Money savers.

There are tons of other things we could talk about that would show us as a whole business world that our world has definitely become a Social Media Monster.  The tools are amazing, you just can’t deny that.  How do you set yourself apart from just being that Social Media User that hails among millions of others?

Integrate Old School.

It is simple.  “WOW” them with Old School.  In a techy world, one may do thousands, if not millions of dollars with a group or company without even meeting them.  Should I repeat that?  Just re-read it.  How do you set yourself apart?  Be the one that walks in and just shakes some hands.  Tell them “thank you” face-to-face.  Hey, if it doesn’t kill you, take them to lunch.  In this world, that will keep you in their circle forever.  How did we get so far away from that?  Integrate Old School it is just that simple.

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