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Starting Your E-Commerce Store and Online Business

The Basics
Online sales are growing in the current economic environment as more people are trying to diversify their income in
this uncertain job market. Many people are starting an online store, but what is the best way to do this and grow your
Business from the ground up?

Product Choice
Here are some strategies for choosing a product that is guaranteed to sell when you’re just starting out.
● Search out products that solve a consumers problem
● Use your personal passion to find products you love
● Use your professional experience
● Find out what’s trending on other popular online stores
Find Your Audience That’s Just as Passionate as You
It is inevitable that your online Business with being up against giants like Walmart, Amazon, and E-bay regardless of your
product. However, connecting with your audience on an emotional level will give you that boost to stand a chance
against these big-name companies. Use social media to connect and build a community with your audience. Your
Businesses grow from social sharing and viral buzz. There are many homegrown Businesses that have had the
opportunity to expand and become worth millions of dollars.

Build Your Store
Tools to customize your store are widely available and can be utilized by just about anybody. Some of these tools
available are:
● Shopify
● WordPress
● BigCommerce
● 3DCart
● Volusion

Each tool has pros and cons and some are easier than others. Find the tool that works best for you and go for it!
Another option would be to outsource the setting up of your e-commerce store if you have limited experience with
Find a Supplier
Upon starting, you will need to find a supplier that can source your product for a lower price than your target price. A
A few ideas to source products are:
● Using a manufacturer to create the product from scratch
● Wholesale distributors
● Utilizing a drop shipping service
Explore each solution and see what works best for you and your store!

Develop relationships with Influencers
More than 65% of brands have expanded their businesses by using influences as marketing tools. Over 90% of
consumers trust the recommendations that their favorite influencers promote on their preferred social media

Niche is Nice During Your Growth Period
Start your online store with a single product and give yourself the best chance for success. It is a common mistake to
take on too many products and studies have shown that when introducing another product the initial product sales will
decline. Make sure not to spread yourself too thin, especially if you are the sole person working on your brand.

Build Your Email List
If done right, email marketing can provide some of the biggest returns on your investment than any other form of
digital marketing. Build your list early and be sure to develop that essential relationship with your consumers.

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