Create an Online Store that takes Us Somewhere

Use visuals

Using visuals can help people see your store. There are lots of different themes you can use for
these. Use these for things such as sales and promotion codes.

Visualize you processes or products

Think about using eye catching templates for your product pages. Creative and colorful designs
will help get viewers attention. Also, making sure the template is designed vertically so it can
work on mobile devices as well. Make sure all text is visible and easily seen. You want to make
it easy for customers to navigate around your website and make easy orders.

Designs for marketing campaigns

Nice and appealing colors can easily catch someone’s eye as well. Add promotion codes to
these designs or on your social media captions.

There are free online tools you can use for these designs, such as Pixlr X.
Whatever way you decide to design, produce, and/or develop just remember always make it have just a little “YOU” in it.