Chris Powell is what some would call a “born leader.” Even as a child, he naturally became a leader within his social groups. As an adult, when he landed his first “real job” at a company with annual sales of 500m plus., he quickly moved up to the role of Director. Chris was directly responsible for producing and delivering products to clients like American Express, Fifth Third Bank, and other massive institutions globally.

Later, through networking at events and on the golf course(one of his hobbies), Chris decided to open a small staffing company.  The company didn’t stay small long. Within 3 weeks of opening, the company was billing a little less than 200k a month. In this endeavor, Chris learned all aspects of what makes a business a business:  accounting, hiring and managing employees,  worker’s compensation, and much more.  

A few years after launching the business, Chris sold it to one of the largest staffing organizations in the world at that time.  Due to the success of his company, he became a hot commodity in the staffing industry and was being contacted by headhunters daily. Chris accepted one of these offers and moved back to his hometown.  

In this role, Chris was charged with what this Florida-based company and label Out of State expansion.  The challenge was huge, and Chris loved it.  So far, the company’s out-of-state progress had led them into a 300k deficit.  Reunited and/or rehired some of his old team members, Chris assisted in bringing one city from 5k a week to 35k a week within the first month.  Opening a Huntsville office with 30k already stamped their 1st week of opening, Opening Nashville up with the Entertainment Center already signed, Lifting Atlanta up to unprecedented numbers, and decreasing RISK to extremely low percentages. Great company to work for, but Chris always had that “ownership and entrepreneurial” spirit pulling and tugging at him.

Following this endeavor, Chris partnered up with his wife, Danielle, and opened up; the rest is history.

What a few people say...

Chris is very knowledgeable about his products and eager to help your business succeed. He is always up to date with the most current internet marketing trends and is very personable and reliable. I have worked with him since 2008, and I highly recommend using his business for all of your internet marketing needs. ~ Krissi Orlando

Before I hired Chris, I had seen some of his “Web Designer” work online and was highly impressed with what I saw. I emailed Chris and asked to set up a time to meet about my website. Chris was there the very next day, eager to find out what my needs were. After our meeting, Chris provided me with 3 different scenarios to choose from with prices based on what I thought my budget could handle. I was so appreciative of his excellent work at a reasonable cost. I can email Chris and his staff and have a response “within the hour” or at least before the end of the day. Now that is what I call SERVICE!!!! Chris and IWEBLOGIC come “HIGHLY RECOMMENDED” by me. ~ Monica Barnett Smith

Chris and his team at Web8 did a fantastic job designing and executing my vision for my website. They are patient with the technologically challenged, very customer-oriented, and highly responsive. I get so many compliments from my clients about how easy it is to navigate my website. If you are looking for a customer-focused experience and an outstanding design and functionality, then Webn8 is where you need to go. I am a raving fan and highly recommend them. ~ Danika Borst


I have worked with Chris and Danielle several times. They have innovative ideas, responsible response time, and excellent content value for the dollar spent. I will use them again. ~ Joe Paul Abbott


Chris Powell was patient and knowledgeable throughout the long web design process. I would recommend him. Danielle’s wife and business partner work as an excellent addition to the group at ~Tracy Cole

Chris worked as a District manager with Workers Temporary Staffing in the Gulf Coast region. In my years working with Chris at WTS, he had strong business sense and creative problem-solving skills. These skills have helped him well in his business, where he has built a solid and loyal client base. ~Mel Lang