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At Webn8 Media we provide small to medium businesses with beautiful, innovative, and award winning web design with a major focus on ROI.
About Webn8 Media
Who Are We?

As one of Birmingham’s leading web media agencies, Webn8 Media offers a full complement of professional web design services. Webn8 has worked with just about every type of business and organization. Let us put our MANY YEARS of expertise to work for you. Webn8 Media is located in Birmingham, AL.

Webn8 Media is not a huge corporation and we’re not a mom-and-pop – we are a medium size company – big enough to serve our clients with excellence and small enough to know your name and business when you call. Our company exists for this purpose – to use our expertise to provide online services to businesses that will help increase their profits through sales, time-savings procedures, and online visibility. That is how we serve our clients and remain relevant. As long as we are helping our clients thrive then we too can thrive.

We develop websites and branding and tailor online marketing strategies that are specific to our clients’ needs. No matter what your business or online goals, we can help. We love to create personal relationships with our clients. We’d love to come to your place of business or have a phone or internet conference with you to discuss your online future!

About the Founders

In 2007, Chris and Danielle Powell started their journey with Webn8 together. With their combined experience and similar visions, they set off to make more of a culture, not a company. A place where like-minded individuals could come and share their skills with a team and provide world class service to their clients and one another. One of the goals was to bring a personal relationship back in to such an impersonal world, to make the potential client comfortable. For them to understand that the internet wasn’t evil and they could actually benefit from it. Another goal was to get the community to understand that all the opportunities for a “FREE” website… wouldn’t end up free and would eventually be detrimental vs. beneficial.

Through the years, they have survived economical swings, locally and nationally. They have helped webn8 through the Panda’s, the Pigeon’s, the Penguin’s, the Phantom’s, the Hummingbird’s, and now the notorious living and breathing, self-taught, Rank Brain. (Google updates)

Today, they still pride themselves on positive culture, positive community, and positive team achievements. Call them… whether to pick their brains individually or as a group. Especially if your are thinking that an internet presence is in your near future.

Principles of our work


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