Last week, Ricky Carruth of Zero to Diamond and myself, Chris from Webn8 heard the unfortunate news that you guys are no longer with another web company.  Opportunity for us? Sure.  But an amazing opportunity for you.  I am not sure you know this but while Ricky is the fastest growing FREE Real Estate Coach in the world, we at Webn8, well we are following his lead.  Both, Ricky and I, are uber focused on World Class Service! (and that’s not just a fast response to an email).  As Ricky puts it, we are all into Relationships Over Transactions.  Hundreds of reviews, and relationships are being maintained and built as we speak.. So enough of the pitch.

Some of you may be in a spot right now.  Well, we want to help.  A couple of your choices, zip your file, AND/or start a new hosting account.  There may be a couple of you that understand that but why would you?  You are real estate agents, that’s your expertise.  Let us do it.  And wait till you get a load our pricing and the special 50% off the setup fee we are offering only KW agents for the next week.  See our products below, Sign up! I guarantee you will be over the moon and will be setup to get great results…  Or hit us on the contact box below and to the right.  We would LOVE to talk with you!  Don’t think of this as a setback but more of a setup that gives you an opportunity to hang out with the BEST coach in Real Estate and the BEST Real Estate/IDX solution around.

Some of our Real Estate Projects

  • Lance Farr Provision Properties Real Estate- Oakland and Macomb County Michigan
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