Custom Web Design and Development

Current. Custom. Cool. Creative. Clean. Clever.

Webn8 will design your website to fit your style, and we will develop the website to function as you need it to. Think of your website as your opportunity to meet each and every potential customer BEFORE the ever walk through your door. You want to make a good impression. If you don’t, they will likely never become your customer. Consumers today are savvy, and they do plenty of research before spending their hard earned money. Your business offers a legitimate service or product that people actually want. In may be the best, the least expensive, or perhaps just the best fit for that customer. Whatever it is – the customer needs to see that within the first 5 seconds of see your website.

When it comes to design, Webn8 is willing to take direction from you, think outside the box, or use our own creativity to create a look that we think is perfect for you. You can be as involved or as hands-off as you want to be! Part of the custom design process is presenting you, the client, with several design concepts to choose from OR we will create a concept based on your suggestions which we will adjust until you are completely satisfied. Either way, we won’t stop until you have the website of your dreams!

When it comes to the development, you tell us what you want your website to do for you, and we will make it happen! Websites can do more than you might think to help your business succeed. Interactive forms are an effective way to receive questions, requests for quotes, feedback, registration and more. Payment processors like PayPal or are simple ways to accept credit card payments through your website. Webn8 can also build custom online applications built specifically for you. We will offer suggestions of functionality based on the your industry and the type of website we are building for you.

If you tell us what you are attempting to accomplish with your business, Webn8 will build you a website that will make it easier for you to reach your goals.

A good website will pay for itself many times over? As most business owners will tell you, getting new customers is the most important and challenging part of running a business. Millions of potential new customers are constantly searching the internet for services and products just like yours. Make sure they find you!

Content Management Web Site(CMS)

Popular. DIY. Support. Hand's On.

Here at Webn8, the first thing we do with a new client is ask questions about how they do business. From there we put together a plan to build that particular website to best meet the needs of the client. One option we will consider is a Content Management Web Site.

A Webn8 Content Management System (CMS) is a part of a website that the public cannot see. It is the place where administrators of an organization can go to make edits to their site. This could include text edits, photo changes, blog posts, etc.

A minimal amount of technical savvy is required to use our CMS. If a person can use Microsoft Word then that person can probably grasp the basics of our CMS. There is no software to install on your computer, and the changes made to the site are in real time, so no FTP knowledge is necessary.

A Webn8 Content Management System (CMS) is ideal for an business or organization that has several people that will have access to editing the website. This is often true for a business or religious organization with multiple departments.

The Content Management System (CMS) is also a good option for a business owner that has the time, skill and inclination to update his or her website. This could be a cost saving method for those who will make frequent changes to their site. In some cases a client will want to share the duty of updating the website with us at Webn8. For example, the client may want to make the simple daily text changes but leave the image or flash creation to us. Webn8 can perform occasional work for that client on an hourly basis.

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E-commerce Web Applications

Sales. Customers. Service. Commerce. Satisfaction. Conversions.

The first and most important goal of your E-Commerce Web Site System is to sell your products. So make it easy for your customers to BUY them! It seems obvious we know, but you would be surprised how often it happens that web developers get sidetracked and forget the golden rule of an e-commerce system… sell sell sell!

Webn8 will use our expertise to build an E-Commerce Web Site System that makes buying from you a cinch. We know the proper ways to place the products on the pages in order to encourage visitors to become paying customers. Webn8 will customize a shopping cart that uses buyers and sellers favorite payment provider(s) like PayPal,, Square or others. Although Webn8 will make suggestions to make your site more profitable, we will also work with you to create the exact look that you want in your website, because like all of our other websites, our e-commerce sites are completely CUSTOM! We can also work with pre-fab systems such as Shopify and Big Commerce.

Also, Webn8 e-commerce systems come with a “back office” so that you can manage your products yourself. That means that you are not obligated to employ us to keep your online store going. You have access to add new products, delete products, change product images, prices and much much more. Additionally, Webn8 can set up an inventory system that you can use via your back office to keep track of your items on hand.

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Online Marketing

Webn8 will implement your business goals in an internet strategy that will impact your bottom line.

Whether you are a small business owner, from a large corporation, or even if you are a start-up business, Webn8 can cater a plan to your scope. Collectively, our Team has over 40 years experience, from physical marketing, online marketing, web design & development, database & applications, to even having a Microsoft Partner at our fingertips.

With Webn8’s full menu of services, and your goals, together we can build a wonderful plan that will suit your every need online.

Internet Marketing or Online Marketing is a term used to describe any marketing efforts done via the web. So obviously this can mean many things. Online marketing can be designed to drive people to a brick and mortar store or to a website. Depending on who or what your website is about the methods will vary greatly. For instance, for a church we would utilize different avenues then, say, a steel manufacturer. WebN8 will cater an internet marketing package specifically for your website based on your goals. We will utilize the plethora of social media outlets, online advertising outlets, email campaigns and much more.

There aren’t any “Get Noticed Now” methods that work as well as foundational growth. Marketing online is a process, just like physical marketing. Being three months ahead, developing trends, utilizing the trends, and tons of other important step go into marketing PERIOD. Paying 5k per month to be at the top of Google isn’t the way, unless your individual sales of a product run 50k or more. Webn8 can build to a plan that sticks. If you are paying for online marketing and you aren’t on a 6 month plan(minimum), jump ship! Contact us and give us a fair run, and remember we don’t run for you, we run with you.

WordPress powers over 60% of the websites in the world? The popularity of WordPress brings big targets for hacks, malicious code distribution, and data theft.

SEO and Analytics

Off-page. On-page. On-point. On-target.

Search Engines are by far the most common way that a visitor will find your website, and what good is it to have a website if no one comes to it? Getting ranked high in a search engine is something that every website owner wants and it can be the key to online success.

Because of the sheer number of websites on the internet, there is a lot of competition when it comes to search engine rankings. And search engines are very fickle about how they decide to rank a website. Different search engines use different algorithms for ranking and they are always changing. Keeping up with the latest practices is not for the faint of heart! That is why you can trust the professionals at Webn8 Web Design to stay on top of the new technology and trends that will keep your website moving in the right direction – UP!

Being ranked high in search engines takes more than just complying with rules and practices of search engine ranking.There are many other things we must do to boost ranking. Webn8 Web Design will guide you in the right direction when it comes to creating search engine friendly content for each one of your pages. Also, Webn8 Web Design will share with you tips and tricks that we will implement as well as things we WON’T do that could stop a search engine crawler in its tracks. Search engine optimization is daily task if done properly. Rely on the experienced professionals at Webn8 Web Design to get you where you want to go.

All Energy vibrates. Everything has a specific and unique vibration. You need to understand that EVERYTHING is Energy, including your thoughts, dreams, and passions. When two vibrations are in resonance, they attract each other.

Social Media Strategies

Social every way.

If you’ve been paying attention for the last couple of years, you have probably noticed that Social Media has taken over the internet! Sites like Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Instagram and others are some of the most popular websites in the world. A large number people of people visit these sites every day, and you can connect with many of those people and possibly turn them into your customers!

Social Media has become one of the most important ways to stay in touch. In this age of communication and information, people EXPECT you to communicate with them on regular basis. If you don’t it implies that you are either behind the times, or just plain negligent.

Many business owners don’t have the time or inclination to keep up with these social outlets. Let Webn8 Web Design put its experience to work for you! We will act as your online PR department by posting viral videos on YouTube, using attraction sales on Facebook, sending out promotions or updates through Twitter and much, much more.