Search Engine Optimization

SEO Webn8 AlabamaThe execution of a good SEO plan is on-going. Staying up to date with all the algorithm changes by the search engine providers is very important. It is crucial to get away from outdated procedures. Are keywords important? How about Titles? Descriptions maybe? Great content is definitely important. Possibly the most important. How do you know you are on track? With SEO actions, there will be zero instant gratification other than you being confident you are doing exactly what you need to do. Maybe I can help a little with the beginning butterflies. Below are a few points to consider.

Great Content

Content is king. Basically, it is the horse that pulls the buggy these days. Without it, you’re walking. You or your SEO provider will need to have the ability to take content that you love and shore it up to meet the criteria of the search engines- so you will get noticed. When you get noticed, customers visit your website and hopefully spend money or contact you.. This works well with a content strategy produced by you or you and your SEO provider.

SEO Results

I touched on this earlier. Results are not going to happen immediately after you hit enter and go through the list of SEO things to do. It takes doing right things right in the beginning and then being able to have enormous patience. This is where you can get hooked by scammers. Please remember, if it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. So many good people have been scammed by the “I can get you on the first page for only a certain amount of money. Firstly, probably not. Secondly, as soon as you stop paying them, you are in the same spot. That spot is back to step 1. Nothing is more foundational to your site presence than doing things fundamentally correct the first time.

On-Page Optimization

Setting up your website with titles, descriptions, and headings is a very important process in optimizing. Having these action items in place correctly will affect your outcome tremendously. Remember though, do them correctly, and understand that tomorrow morning will not be when you see your results. It is definitely an on-going process. Feel free to email me if you need some help or contact us to set up an appointment. We provide a full-scale arsenal of tools, experience, and an understanding of how frustrating this can be for you.


I am going to tell you briefly about 2 things regarding back-links. One- If you can get to the right ones they are epic. If you can back-link into a .gov, .edu, and of course .com, that can be a great benefit. You have to get creative, but it is definitely doable. There are companies out there that provide packages for this, just beware. Two- Make sure you are monitoring your back-links. I hate to bear bad news but there is malice on the internet. I once had a client who changed his SEO service to us and then suddenly there were 10’s of thousands of back-links. Low ranking back-links that hurt him more than helped. It was a daunting task for sure. One that we never fully recovered from. Your monitoring system will provide you a way to delete or re-direct to an active link until you can correct the situation.

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