Help Us Help You! What can Ricky and I Build for You!

As you know our goal to build value for YOU!  What component can we build that will make success that much more attainable?

During our end of the year recap meeting we realized that the best thing we can do to continue providing value to you and every agent in our Real Estate Family is to just ask you.  Facebook Campaigns and Training? A CRM that is not so hard on your wallet and  excludes the bell and whistles? In the form below, let’s GET WAY OUT OF THE BOX, Throw me ideas, challenges you’ve encountered, ANYTHING that would help day to day process.  When I say out of the box, I mean some of the greatest, craziest, simplest, difficult, and/or EVERYTHING you can think of. Time Management? The first sales call or appointment is what?  The hardest one to make! Can we do anything to make that easier? I would love to get feedback that we can coordinate, develop. or have an “Idea Team” that we meet with once or twice a month.  I don’t care if you think its not achievable, stupid, silly, or just plain dumb. We want to hear about it. 

PLEASE HELP US BY FILLING OUT THE FORM BELOW and remember the only stupid comment, idea, or plan… Is the one we don’t consider!

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