Web Design Project

Ricky Carruth, an Orange Beach Realtor, author and motivational speaker, called us and explained to us that is existing “web guy” was moving on to bigger and better things on the west side of the country and, we had about two weeks to move it, optimize it, learn the ins and outs of the processes in place, and get it “LIVE”.

What a challenge –  But we rose to the challenge and met our goals in the allotted time frame.  Sure we are experts at the WordPress platform and everything involving it.  One thing we had never actually done was open “someone else’s” hood and rebuild the engine with no knowledge of what parts the original builder had used in the beginning.  A little bobbing and weaving, a few sessions of reverse engineering, and a good bit of putting our expertise in with some other components… We made it.


A Little about ZTD

Since 2014, Ricky has been the #1 RE/MAX agent in his county. Selling property on the beautiful Alabama/Florida Gulf Coast is a dream come true to him as he started out in life following his father’s footsteps as a roofer. Now, his father and he work together selling real estate with the same drive and passion. Real estate coaches all over the country are intrigued by Ricky’s techniques. The Zero to Diamond system works in any market against any circumstances. The market could be crashing down, and Ricky’s system will carry you through the storm. He made it through the crash of the late 2000’s, and learned every bit of what he teaches here at Zero to Diamond.

If you need a Real Estate coach, there is no doubt Ricky is your guy.  Give him a call or contact him here. Contact Ricky at ZTD!