Web Design Project

For the first few years after opening Crossfit Gardendale (CFG), the owners used Facebook for their online presence. When they were ready to have their own website, Webn8 was happy to help. The owners are very hands-on, so they wanted a site they could easily update themselves on a daily basis. Daily updates were necessary for their WOD’s (workout of the day) and other events going on at the gym. We built the CFG website on the WordPress platform because it is flexible and easy for our clients to manage themselves. The blog feature of wordpress was perfect for their daily posts. We got to know the in and outs of the crossfit gym business during the website development process – we even participated in some intense workouts! Whew…


A Little about Crossfit Gardendale

Crossfit Gardendale aims to exemplify Crossfit HQ’s standard of training. We do this by preparing you for the known and unknowable. At Crossfit Gardendale, we will build your position and consistency of movement mechanics before emphasizing the intensity. This will facilitate an environment that will allow you to progress with less risk for injury. We are here to make you better, not crush your soul.

If you are interested in Crossfit, and are close to the Gardendale area, Crossfit Gardendale is where you need to hang your hat.  Contact Crossfit Gardendale