webn8 web design

Web Design Project

Eric, the owner of SBD Diabetes, called us to get a presence online for his new company. We developed the website using the WordPress platform. Our team of graphic designers pulled together some great images. The web design was perfect for his product design and content. Using great images of his diabetic devices, we integrated a look that boasts a family-oriented, modern feel. With the large variety of users that use his devices, we were challenged to touch a diverse audience. The team at webn8 did just that.

Our services included; web design, development, on-page seo, graphic design, content creation,allowing navigation to be easy and precise, and more.  It was a real pleasure working with the staff of SBD and our on-going processes with them are smooth and exciting.  It is great to work with a company that provides such important products to individuals in need.  SBD‘s on-going package with us includes hosting, security, email management, and occasional updates to content, imagery, and/or navigation.


A Little about SBD Diabetes

The mission of SBD is to help people better manage their diabetes by making the latest technology available to them. SBD is an Alabama based company located in the city of Birmingham. We provide supplies for the leading insulin pump brands. Our goal is to assist the lives of those who suffer with diabetes by providing the supplies prescribed by their clinician to help treat their diabetes.  SBD has 2 locations, one on Birmingham Alabama and the other in Montgomery Alabama.  The company can service anyone in need of their devices throughout the United States and internationally.

If you are in need of devices to help manage your diabetes or if you know anyone in need, please contact SBD Diabetes.  They will insure you are getting exactly what you need and provide a great product for a great price.  Contact SBD