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Micro Web Page Design

Sumter and Jamie, the owner of Leaf and Petal, called us years ago to build an E commerce Website for their company. We developed the website using the WordPress platform. We worked hand in hand with their photographer and build a great E commerce site.  Last year they switched direction and wanted to go for a more location driven site.  Instead of trying to build a huge brochure website, we decided to introduce them to a more steathly look with our Micro Web Page Design.

A Micro Web Page Design is just a small imprint of what is actually important.  Contact Information, Addresses, A few really cool images, and some content explaining a little about who a company is and what they provide to the world.


A Little about Leaf and Petal

Leaf & Petal was founded in 1974 in Birmingham, Alabama and located in Mountain Brook Village. It started as a small, one-couple plant shop that grew in size and number of associates over the next thirty years. It was a down-to-earth, hometown business based on old-fashion customer service. Leaf & Petal’s working philosophy was to greet every customer at the door and give them one-on-one attention. This Mayberry approach earned them rave reviews, years of continual success and hundreds of dedicated patrons.

If you are looking for some really amazing home styles, some great home accessories or plants,  Contact Leaf and Petal