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An analysis of your presence online is the first important step. Looking at your design, your content, and the speed of your website is essential. Additionally, knowing your competition and how you stack up against them online will help us with leverage. After we connect with your strengths and the areas you are not so strong in, we can provide you with detailed information, whether good or bad. Then, we will help you with a strategy to improve your online presence overall.

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What is Your Online Marketing Strategy

Marketing – it’s a word that encompasses a LOT of meaning. Branding, Content, Conversions, SEO, Social – it boggles the business owner’s mind. There are many different ways to market your business online. Some methods will perform better for your specific type of business than others. With our Online Presence Analysis, we can dial into what’s working for your competitors and use that to your benefit. We’ll create a customized online marketing strategy for your business that will boost your visibility and increase your bottom line.

Why is Online Presence Analysis Important?

If you have never analyzed your company’s performance on the internet, you might be surprised to find out where your website traffic is coming from. Once you know what is working and what’s not, you can focus your money and attention on the avenues that are producing results and stop wasting efforts on those that aren’t. A few small tweaks in your strategy can produce big results!
Webn8 has experience working with many types of companies over the last 15 years. We’ve got a few tricks up our sleeves that can produce big results with a small budget.

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What Is Included In Our Analysis?

On-page and Off-page analysis
Competition comparison
Content reporting
Keywords relation to your website
Social Media
Visibility of your brand
Website functionality and speed
Google Analytics

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Client Testimonial


– I have mixed emotions about all these international web-site roll-outs Chris and Danielle are doing. On one hand I’m glad that, worldwide, people recognize their amazing talent, strong ability, polished skill, and creative force; and that such a vast array of clients is hiring WebN8. On the other hand, having been associated with them since the very beginning, I have preferred to have them all to myself 🙂
Yet, I will share them with you.Hire them. Work with them. Do whatever they tell you. You will be pleasantly amazed. – Andy Bozeman

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– – I first met Chris and Danielle Powell while working as the marketing director for a local medical spa in approximately 2009. They were one of seven companies I had contacted to redo our web site. I knew immediately after our meeting that I would choose them. In addition to the impressive work they displayed, I really liked knowing that they were a small, yet efficient, local business. They listened to our needs and helped us build not only a beautiful web site, but an effective online marketing strategy to keep in touch with our existing patients, in addition to attracting new patients. Needless to say, we had a very good working relationship. I have nothing but good things to say about this company, and I highly recommend WebN8. – Krissi Orlando

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