Slowing Down Tech to Sell New Tech

Wait!  So they “turn a nose up to older tech?”.  This isn’t news.  Every product imaginable does this.  Unfortunately technology gets to be much better at it than the other industries.   But here is the question….  Is it blatantly intentional?  For example, do they have the ability to limit the performance, sabotage?  Of course it is intentional.

Information released last week in a Harvard University study proves it.  Of course, I can tell you by personal experience, my old phones always slow down, or become a vehicle of bad functionality after a new roll out.  But. nonetheless, the study is out now and the few items of research that they have provided are compelling.

Oh and Samsung…. you are not out of the woods.  They researched you too.

Some items of interest.

  • The study was undertaken by student Laura Trucco at Harvard University
  • It also compared Apple’s results with searches for ‘Samsung Galaxy slow’
  • Research found that the term was unaffected by Samsung new releases
  • Study has fueled suggestions Apple engages in ‘planned obsolescence’
  • Theory states that manufacturers build in a certain lifetime to a product and then it will simply stop working, forcing consumers to buy a new oneYou can get the full story here.