FORBES reports Downtown Birmingham is one of the top 15 in Rebuilding and Growth… What do you think?

In a report a few days ago, FORBES placed DOWNTOWN BIRMINGHAM on a top 15 list of downtown area growth in cities around the US.  Additional cities on the list include Milwaukee, El Paso, Denver, Des Moines, Grand Rapids, Pittsburgh, and a few others.

From the article- In Birmingham, Ala., the number of residents downtown has increased 32% since 2000, with 737 planned units in the construction pipeline. A stadium for the minor league baseball team the Birmingham Barons has been built at Railroad Park, a green space created on a former industrial site next to a rail corridor. Office space absorption was positive in 2012, with net 126,000 square feet leased out, and downtown employment density relative to the southern city’s size is comparable to Philadelphia’s business district, local economists are quick to point out.

Yet, the city is still struggling to overcome a reputation for crime. “Despite the positive there are still people who have a negative view about downtown, particularly around the perception of crime,” sighs David Fleming, chief executive of REV Birmingham, a local economic development organization. “But if you look at the statistics, the chance of being a victim of crime in the central business district is actually less likely than in the suburbs.”

What do you think?