Email Marketing

Email Marketing Campaigns are a VERY effective way to communicate with your customers. It is an opportunity to get personal with your audience. You can send an email and start it with “Dear Pam,” or “Dear Mr. Jones,” OR even put their name in the title of the email – nice touch!

Send out the dates of your upcoming sale, a piece of news about your company or staff, a thank you letter – anything! No matter what the email says, it is important to stay in touch. It tells your customers that you are thinking about them.

Even if you don’t currently have a large database of your customers’ email addresses you can get started. will place a form on your website where people can sign up to receive promotional emails from you. Your database will build itself!

Create your own dazzling emails through our easy to use email campaign software, OR let create them for you! You can choose from our professional looking templates or have us design some custom email templates to match your website. Either way you will get your message across with style, AND you will be able to watch the results as they happen. You can view easy to read reports for each email campaign. will also integrate those reports with your Google Analytics already installed on your website. You won’t find a better way to send emails to your clients!

Featured Listings

Showcase your active listings and your latest success with Featured For Sale and Sold listings. Automatically populated from MLS data, no manual updates are needed.

Market Pages

Get listings indexed for organic SEO while you highlight your market territory for site visitors with these always-current listing collections on your site.

Insights and Analytics

See the listings, searches, click-thrus and activity of your leads. Reports and analytics let you determine the leads to put at the top of your list and see which campaigns perform the best.

<h6>FAST and SLEEK combined with our Google-based Silicon Valley servers, this property search with advanced lead generation technology will zip through criteria and get you RESULTS fast.</h6>