Email Marketing

Contrary to popular belief Email Marketing is not dead and it isn’t going anywhere.  Don’t make the mistake of saying that that conversion rates are better going social.  Both options are getting phenomenal results but in different demographics. FUN FACT- The average person gets 121 emails per day.  Check out 7 stats that prove the internet isn’t dead. Over 75% of companies say that a large portion of their conversions(sales) come from Email Marketing.  Dead?  Not even close.  Sure there is new technology and methods of performing the campaign and maybe some companies have abandoned the ship,  but the light are still on and the party is still at peak.  Good news.. Companies can throw you a life raft and get you back in the game. Contact us  Email Marketing is great for anyone who wants to send an email newsletter, a high-impact email promotion, an email event invitation, an online survey, or anything else you can think of!  Check out a few cool tools below.

Sign up Online Visitors

Add a “Join My Mailing List” sign-up banner or text link to your website
Newly collected email addresses are automatically added to your contact list
With our built-in sign-up form you can collect additional information, such as age group, gender, income and more

Custom Designed Emails

Emails will be custom designed to have the look you want. We can design an html email to look like your website, or we can design an email based on any document you give us.  The key to all marketing material is symmetry.  Insuring that every piece of material has the same look, feel, and vision.  Emails are no different.  You don’t want to send an email with a floral feel if the rest of your materials are modern and cutting edge.  Make sure everything is cohesive.


Statistics will be generated from every email blast. You will know how many people opened your email, how many clicked on a link in your email, how many email addresses were undelivered, and how many unsubscribed to your emails?  Our system can give you world views in real time.  When someone opens the email, clicks the link, what link they clicked… GREAT for tracking conversions.