Webn8.com has developed numerous complex online applications. Webn8.com help clients manage, process and transfer information easily and readily using mySQL and SQL technology. Webn8.com has developed widgets and applications such as e-commerce solutions, web integrated in-store POS, HR portals, branch management systems, consignment systems, and many other types of custom online applications. Our focus is to create a tailored solution to fit your needs and extend your capabilities. Webn8.com can take the data you already have and integrate into a more sophisticated application that can save you time and money. Our applications can connect to third party applications you may already be using. Also, we can facilitate multi-level administrative management via custom control panels that will allow admin to pull a variety of helpful reports – we can even restrict or allow reports based on the security level of the user. The possibilities are endless! You just tell us what you need, and we will build the system to make it happen.