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Here at Webn8, the first thing we do with a new client is ask questions about how they do business. From there we put together a plan to build that particular website to best meet the needs of the client. One option we will consider is a Content Management Web Site.

A Webn8 Content Management System (CMS) is a part of a website that the public cannot see. It is the place where administrators of an organization can go to make edits to their site. This could include text edits, photo changes, blog posts, etc.

A minimal amount of technical savvy is required to use our CMS. If a person can use Microsoft Word then that person can probably grasp the basics of our CMS. There is no software to install on your computer, and the changes made to the site are in real time, so no FTP knowledge is necessary.

A Webn8 Content Management System (CMS) is ideal for an business or organization that has several people that will have access to editing the website. This is often true for a business or religious organization with multiple departments.

The Content Management System (CMS) is also a good option for a business owner that has the time, skill and inclination to update his or her website. This could be a cost saving method for those who will make frequent changes to their site. In some cases a client will want to share the duty of updating the website with us at Webn8. For example, the client may want to make the simple daily text changes but leave the image or flash creation to us. Webn8 can perform occasional work for that client on an hourly basis.

Did You Know?

A good website will pay for itself many times over? As most business owners will tell you, getting new customers is the most important and challenging part of running a business. Millions of potential new customers are constantly searching the internet for services and products just like yours. Make sure they find you!